Strengthening Community

One of Dr. Moore’s first jobs was at an afterschool program for the youngest learners. He has taught at colleges and universities, and brought wisdom and renewal to adults working in the nation’s child care settings. Below are examples of this work of celebrating and supporting the human community.

 Showing the way

Perhaps the awareness of community begins in the delivery room or before, as newborns become aware that they are not alone, that they were made to be in community with others who can support them, help them along their way, make them smile. The learning continues on carpet squares, legs mostly crossed, working together, following directions, enjoying the moment.

Supporting teachers

The learning continues throughout life, in no small part by the teachers that children meet. Dr. Moore has spent countless hours supporting those teachers, appreciating their contributions and realizing that they too can have fun together, in community.

Celebrating life

At the end of a life, there is yet another opportunity to strengthen community for those grieving the loss of a loved one. In 2021, family and friends gathered at Myers Park United Methodist Church to send off Lucy Baxter Dulin, who had died at age 95. Her life was summed up in the service. In her last years, she would follow along with her lips as Dr. Moore played the American songbook from a keyboard at Southminster on Park Road Charlotte. In the video below, Dr. Moore returns to a keyboard for one last tribute to his friend. “Going Home” was written in about 1922 by William A. Fisher, who used the English horn solo in his teacher Antonin Dvorak’s Symphony No. 9 (From the New World) for the music. Details here.

The video below starts more than an hour into the memorial service. To hear Dr. Moore’s tribute again, refresh this page and click the red arrow. To watch the entire service, start the video, then use the slider at the bottom of the YouTube window to go back to the beginning,