Dr Moore

"Thomas Moore mesmerizes his audience and gets standing ovations. He is the only speaker we bring back year after year." Pamela Schiller, Ph.D. Past President, Southern Early Childhood Association and Texas AEYC; Organizer, DLM Early Childhood Conference, Texas

"At the end of the conference we gave people an evaluation form and asked them to list the three things they liked best about the conference. Lots of people filled all three blanks, 'Thomas Moore! Thomas Moore! Thomas Moore!' " Gretchen Berhost, Missouri Conference on the Young Years

"Even before the session ended, people said to me, 'We want Thomas again next year. Please invite him back!' Everyone who heard him gained a new, fresh understanding of effective classroom practices. He gives teachers ideas that work every day." Carol Paul, Hertford County Project for Children

"I am writing to let you know how wonderful I thought your presentation was to the teachers of Cambridge (at Harvard University). I hear many speeches, indeed, I give quite a few, and it has been a long time since I enjoyed one quite as much as I enjoyed your presentation. To deliver a message is one thing, but to have the message experienced by the audience through the very process of the delivery is quite another. Many thanks for a terrific experience." Francis H. Duehay, Former Mayor, City of Cambridge, MA

"I think your "call and response" method of presenting the songs is perfect for the preschoolers I work with...Keep on keeping us in the field motivated, energized, and being the best teachers we can be!" Mimi Veiga, teacher, Schoolhouse Preschool, Elk Grove, CA